Top Tools for your Website

The following are the most useful tools we have found over the years and we recommend using it, for your WordPress website. Try them below 😉

Hosting with Free SSL

If you are looking to improve your website’s security & SEO, you should have SSL for your site. With Namecheap, you get free SSL, better support compared to other budget hosting provider.


Fiverr – Get your Website Built for you (at a Low Cost)

Get your website developed by a experienced website creator on Fiverr.

Create Pages Easily on WordPress

Elementor is the page builder of our choice as it provides a lot of great features for free. The PRO version lets you customize more areas of your site like the blog page & the posts page. You also get a lot more templates which you can use.

Best Free Theme for WordPress in 2020

We love Astra because of how easy it is to get a well designed website up & running. All you have to do is to use the ‘Astra sites’ plugin to import a demo and then add your own content. A entire site can be developed pretty much in a day.

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WordPress Course

Do you want to learn WordPress to build any kind of website you want? Then this is the only course you need to take.

Adobe PhotoShop Course

Do you want to learn Adobe PhotoShop to become a graphic designer? Then this is the only course you need to take.

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