How To Make A Free Website And Monetize It Within 24 Hours – Simple & Easy

Make Your Own Website and Make Money Online

Hello friends, I am Mohammed From Awesome Learners and In this Course, I am going to show you how you can easily make your own website with free hosting and make money online and there is a practical video included in this Article. Now, I’ll talk about the basic steps to make a website.

Basic Steps To Make A Website

  • Get a Custom domain Name (Your website name)
  • Connect Your domain to a free Hosting Platform
  • Change the website design templet

How To Get A Custom Domain Name (Your Website Name)

Now, to get your website name, you need to go to Awesome Domain Checker and search for your dream domain whether if it’s available or not. Click here to check it now! So once you find your website name available, You can go to the next step which is to buy your website name and that will cost you from $5 to $12 per year. Watch the practical video below.

Connect Your Website Name To A Free Hosting Platform

Once you buy your website name, the next thing is to connect it with a hosting platform which is free and you don’t have to pay anything for hosting.
Now, the hosting platform is, so go to and create your free account and start using the free hosting platform forever.
Once you create your blogger account, now you need to connect the blogger hosting platform to your website name. Now you need practical understanding before you can connect your website name to the blogger hosting platform. Watch the Practical video below.

How To Change The Look Of Your Website

Once we connect our website name to the free hosting platform, now you need to change the look of your website. Now, to change the website design templet, you need to go to and download a free blogger templet. Ok so once you download the theme, you a practical understanding on How To Upload The Theme On Your Website. Watch the practical video below.

How To Monetize(make money) Our Website

Once you finish designing your website, Now, you can go on apply for google Adsense and start making money from your website.
Watch the practical video below.

Now, We’re able to make Our website that cost $5 to $12 per year and make money from Google Adsense.
Thank You!

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