Video editing transitions in adobe premiere pro mini course


In this course students will learn the core concepts of video editing . Students will learn the full process of creating and applying custom transitions from scratch . We will create 5 different types of transitions and 1 bonus transition from beginning to end . We will apply these transitions on same set of videos to know the variations .Some tips and tricks about transitions from my previous video editing experience . Students will be able to learn the following key concepts :

1) Keyframing in adobe premier pro

2) Creating 6 types of custom transitions from scratch

3) Video editing practices and tips during transition creation process

4) Different types of transitions

5) Fade , push , slide , rotate , multiple parameter based transitions and other transitions

6) Creating combined transitions

7) Masking transitions in adobe premiere pro

Best part about this course is that , it is completely follow along course . This means that everything will happen in front of your eyes . You will get to know every single detail about the transition creation process . The only thing that is required in you as a student is the curiosity and willingness to learn new subjects and software.

So what are you waiting for ? Start your course and become an expert in adobe premiere pro cc transitions



What Will I Learn?

  • Video editing in premiere pro
  • Transitions techniques in adobe premiere pro
  • Different types of transitions
  • Creating custom transitions from scratch
  • Creating combined transitions
  • 5 types transition variations and creation process
  • Masking transitions in adobe premiere pro

Topics for this course

7 Lessons31m

Video editing transitions in adobe premiere pro?

Become expert in adobe premiere pro transition creation process
Course Overview1:08
Creating fade transitions from scratch6:22
Creating push transitions from scratch4:26
Creating slide transitions from scratch3:35
Creating zoom fade combined transitions2:07
Creating rotation based transitions from scratch00:00:00
Creating Masking transitions8:35

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Online Video Course
  • Full Lifetime Access


  • No previous experience required
  • Just some curiosity and willingness to learn new things

Target Audience

  • Beginner video editors who want to learn new skills
  • Intermediate video editors who want to improve their efficiency
  • Advanced video editors who are willing to brush up their existing skills by learning best techniques about premiere pro