Cyber Security Training Course


In this course you will learn about Firewalls, Data Encryption, Two Factor Verification, Algebraic Passwords and Disabling Old Internet Devices. The purpose is to help users learn how to increase their security by changing their device and browser security settings.

There are 5 short modules.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Using firewalls, encrypting data, two factor verification, creating algebraic passwords and disabling old internet products

Topics for this course

8 Lessons35m

Cyber Security Training Course

1. Introduction & Module 1 Firewall2:41
2. Module 1.2 Firewall for Windows PC Users2:15
3. Module 2 Data Encryption1:33
4. Module 2.1 Data Encryption for Windows PC Users2:01
5. Module 2.2 Data Encryption & Passcodes for iOS devices5:29
6. Module 3 Two Factor Verification2:01
7. Module 4 Algebraic Passwords2:59
8. Module 5 Disconnecting Old Internet Devices2:19

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Target Audience

  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced